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  • Für das neue Aladdin-Musical in Hamburg ab Herbst 2015 wird die komplette Besetzung gesucht. Hierzu wurde jetzt ein Casting-Aufruf veröffentlicht. Vielleicht ist ja eine Rolle für euch dabei?
    Vielleicht kommt hier eure einmalige Gelegenheit, ein Disney-Star zu werden. Für das neue Hamburger Musical "Aladdin" werden folgende Rollen mit den entsprechenden Beschreibungen gesucht:


    Based on the much loved animated film, ALADDIN: The New Stage Musical tells the story of a street- smart commoner whose whole life changes with one rub of a magic lamp. This new ALADDIN incorporates all of the beloved songs from the Oscar®- winning score plus never-before-heard Menken/Ashman songs restored from early drafts of the score. It marks a return to the authors‘ original version: a loving hommage to the Hope-Crosby road pictures with a score involving the jazz sound of stars like Cab Calloway and Fats Weller.

    For the premiere of our new production „DISNEYS ALADDIN“ in Hamburg/Germany we are looking for:

    ALADDIN 20s- 30s, any ethnicity.
    Clever, resourceful street urchin with a heart of gold: best friends with Babkak, Omar and Kassim; seeks a life beyond the confines of poverty. Soaring bark-tenor voice (Bb2 to A4). Fluent in german.

    JASMINE 20s-30s, any ethnicity.
    Intelligent young princess with insight beyond her years and station; seeks a life beyond the confines of privilege. Strong mix, and strong belt to E. Ability to float in upper mix into soprano (up to F5) and project in lowest register (down to A3). Fluent in german.

    GENIE 30s- 40s, any ethnicity.
    Quick-witted, fast talking, ancient genie who knows all time and place; an old school song-and-dance man. Cab Colloway, Fats Waller type, able to sing jazz. Strong presence in lower range, D5 in strong falsetto, A4 in chest voice. Fluent in german.

    SULTAN 50s-60s, any ethnicity.
    Kind hearted, widowed ruler of Agrabah; gets so caught up in following the law and tradition that he overlooks his daughter Jasemin‘s desires and gets swindled by his own vizier. (Baritone up to E4 though sings very little in the show). Fluent in german.

    JAFAR 50s- 60s, any ethnicity.
    The royal vizier. Amoral psychopath who‘ll not hesitate to destroy anyone he perceivesas a threat to his own sinister designs. Good comedic ability and strong evil laugh. Bass, Bass-baritone, can be in style of Cyril Ritchard „speak-sing“. (G2- Eb4). Fluent in german.

    IAGO 30s -40s, any ethnicity.
    Jafar‘s short comedic sidekick. Grovels at Jafar‘s feet and has difficulty contolling his temper. Strong tenor or Bari-tenor up to A4. Fluent in german.

    KASSIM 25-40s, any ethnicity.
    Though (inside and out) desert dweller, part of Aladdin‘s band. Very strong baritone, hold harmony well. (from A2 up to G4). Fluent in german.

    BABKAK 25-40s, any ethnicity.
    Chubby, funny, romantic desert dweller, part of Aladdin‘s band; the „Crosby“ of this Arabian „Road“ picture, although perhaps with a bit more flair. Power tenor (up to rock solid high C). Fluent in german.

    OMAR 25-40s, any ethnicity.
    Nervous, thin, reedy desert dweller, part of Aladdin‘s band; the „Lamour“. Bari-tenor, up to A4. Needs good ear for harmony and ability to blend. Fluent in german.

    male & female - strong, powerful, experienced, expressive dancer of all ethnicities with a lot of sex-appeal and with a very good ability to sing and act. Adaptability to different styles and very good tap skills are assumed. Acrobatic skills are a plus.

    We strongly encourage actors of all cultural backrounds.

    AUDITIONS in Hamburg/ middle of December 2014
    CALLBACKS/FINALS: January/ March 2015
    REHEARSAL START: Autumn 2015-CONTRACT- approx 1 Year

    Please send your updated CV and picture ( including your vocalrange& size) in PDF format only to:
    Tanja Maria Boyd/Casting Associate
    Closing date: 14th of November 2014
    We are not able to pay travel costs

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